About Us

RADS is a property Development company that provide the necessary services for the development process. The motto of the company is “Turning dreams into reality” RADS ultimate goal is to ensure that its clientele is satisfied, and that their development meet their needs and their budget.

RADS was establish in 1988 to meet the growing needs of the Island of Anguilla, which was developing physically at a rapid pace. The economy was booming with the development of Hotel properties and the Tourism industry in general. At the same time new legislation was being enacted with the introduction of the Land Development Control System, the review of the Alien Land Holding policy and the requirements of the Building Board and loaning institutions.

RADS is a company with experienced and qualified Architects, Land Surveyors, Property Valuers and Building Contractors, who has years of experience working with development financing institutions and government agencies in the various disciplines. Services offered also include:

· Building Construction,
· Cost Estimating,
· Architectural Designing,
· Construction Drawings
· Property Valuations
· Land Surveying
· Planning Consultancy
· Real Estate Agency

RADS specialize in residential development and has taken many homes from a dream into reality over the past years. Many of these homes are built on prime coastal land or with excellent ocean views. Our services are not limited to residential as we have done many commercial, institutional and industrial projects.



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