How much land can I purchase to build my home?

For the construction of an average size dwelling house (2,000 sq.ft.) half an acre is the norm. If you intend to build a larger home that require more than half an acre you must justify the requirement for the additional land.


How much will it cost me to obtain a license?

There is a basic application fee of US$ 250.00. In addition 17½% of the open market value of the property plus a refundable deposit of 10% must be paid when the license is issued.

How long does it take to obtain an Alien land Holding License?

On average, it takes about three (3) months but may be done as quickly as four (4) weeks.

What is the average cost of a vacant parcel of land?

This varies significantly depending on location. However, you can expect to pay about US$80,000.00 for half an acre of coastal land that is not beach front. Where beach front is allowed the price may be two to three times higher.

What are the requirements to build in Anguilla?

To carryout any form of development planning permission is first required. This means that at least an outline plan of the proposed development must be produced even before the license is issued. After obtaining the license, a building permit must be obtained. Usually all fees related to the approval process is covered by the Architect.

Where are others building, coastal or inland?

Most persons seeking a license prefer to build coastal. 80% of the alien homes are either on the coast or in close proximity. Those inland usually has an unobstructed ocean view. However, these site are usually more expensive.

Is there any limitations on the size or style of the home I wish to build?

The limitations are usually the minimum sizes permitted. However, the style and size is of your choice once you meet these requirements. Remember that only a maximum of three floors or 40 feet in elevation is allowed.

What is the average construction period on Anguilla?

An average size dwelling house can be built within nine (9) months. However, on coastal sites and where homes may be larger most construction has taken from twelve to eighteen months to completion.

What if I wanted to rent my house while I am not on Anguilla?

If you are not living permanently on the island and wish to rent you must include this in your application. An annual fee of US$1,200.00 is applied in addition to accommodation tax being paid for this privilege.

Can I buy a developed property?

Yes you can. Generally it is easier and quicker to obtain a license to purchase a developed property.

Can I sell my house?

Although the Alien Land Holding policy does not encourage speculation you may sell your home if you decided that you no longer wish to live or vacation on Anguilla or for other reasons. However, it may be difficult (not impossible) to obtain a second license if you dispose of the first property.

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