Island Harbour 89218B/215

Property registered as 89218B/215 comprise of 0.63 acre and has an apartment building with 2 single bedroom units on the ground floor and a two bedroom unit on the first floor. Also on the property is a three bedroom dwelling house.

Asking Price: US$ 600,000.00

Location: 18°15’13.09″N and   63° 0’43.05″W

There is a two storey apartment building that has a gross floor area of 1,414 sq.ft. on each floor for a total of 2828 sq.ft.

The ground floor accommodation of the apartment building is two one bedroom units each with bath room, living/ding/kitchen area in addition to a common porch. The first floor comprise of a single unit that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and porch.

The accommodation of the dwelling house is three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, garage and porch and an above the ground cistern. This has a gross floor area of 2,812 sq.ft.

89218B_215_1 89218B_215_2 89218B_215_3 89218B_215_4 89218B_215_5


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  1. Gina Malecki

    Oct 04, 2014

    Would you be so kind to send a more specific location of this property so that we can drive by and see it please? Any references to find it would help (e.g., how is it related to Falcon Nest Restaurant, Harry’s Taxi, Shoal Bay Villas, etc)?


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