The entire development process is usually a headache. That’s why RADS offer a complete service for our clients.

· Real Estate Agency
Sometimes finding the right site can be tiresome. We can offer you alternative properties that meet your criteria or find the unique one that you desire. In addition, we can handle the necessary applications to obtain a Land Holders License as well as prepare all necessary documentation for the conveyance of your selected site.

· Land Surveying
Whether it is a cadastral (boundary) survey, topographic for the development design of the site or just setting out the proposal on site RADS is always ready to provide the service. We are qualified and experienced land surveyors who has been serving the public in this field for over five years.

· Architectural Designing
We at RADS believe that “a man’s house is his castle” and that its is the greatest investment made in a single item in his life. Our designing process is iterative to ensure that we meet our motto “turning dreams into reality”. Our designs are unique and indigenous to provide optimum functionality while maintaining high quality aesthetics and appeal.

· Construction Drawings
After speeding a great length of time on designing we ensure that the idea does not just remain a dream. We produce the necessary plans for construction including all specifications and structural details necessary for the proper and smooth erection and finishing of the building.

· Planning Consultancy
The next step in the development process can be somewhat tedious if the requirements of the Land development Control Committee and the various ordinances is not properly understood. RADS has had a wealth of experience with the proposals applying for planning permission and will ensure that your proposal will receive both Land Development Control permission and the necessary Building Board Permit.

· Cost Estimating
This is the question every body tends to ask. How much will it cost me to develop my proposal? With a great knowledge of local construction costs, RADS can provide a Cost estimate so that our clients can budget and finance the project. RADS have been in this business for years and has been conducting estimates for developers, home owners, contractors and even lending institutions. Without an estimate as to costs, your project can reach enormous sums when there is no guide.

· Building Construction
This phase of the process sometimes leave home owners depressed. Which contractor to use, where do I get materials, where do I get services, what are the best techniques and materials? I need to make some changes. With a wealth of construction management, supervision and contracts handle by RADS, we can erect your building from foundation to finish. Some of the advantages with RADS being the contractor are our experience and knowledge in designing, functionality, aesthetics, cost and feasibility in project development.

· Property Valuations
Need to know the worth of your property? No problem. Whether it is for purchase, sale, financing of project or simply for asset portfolio we can give you a comparative open market value of your property worth. RADS have qualified and experience personel who has been advising Government and loaning institutions over the years.

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